Make Do & Mend – Star Elbow Patches

We’ve had a really productive weekend, hurrah! Appointments attended, girls met friends, pumpkin soup was made (Chris whipped it up before I could take photos, but it was delicious), horses were ridden, dog was walked, and I have finally started to address the mending pile which has been on a summer hiatus! I’ve also had to provide sympathy and chauffeur support to Chris after a minor nail-bending injury rendered him unable to do two-thumb activities. God only knows how he’s going to get to London tomorrow unaided…..


So the eldest kid has the loveliest cashmere sweater, but much elbow-leaning has taken it’s toll, and you could probably fit a small toddler through the resulting hole.


Time for patches – here’s what I did.

I didn’t want to do a bog-standard old-man patch, and had seen a lady a few years ago with heart-shaped patches, so decided that stars were the way forward. First I cut out a template.


Then drew around the template onto the fabric I was making the patches from using an air-erasable pen. I chose a patterned needlecord because it’s fairly hard-wearing and pretty funky. 


So that I didn’t sew through to the other side of the sleeve (I am constantly sewing things to myself), I slid the sleeve over a wine bottle. This also means there’ll be a little bit of give in the finished sleeve.


Next, I postioned the star where I wanted it to sit (cue much fannying), pinned it in place and then basted it in with long stitches.


Using a blanket stitch, I secured the patch to the sweater. I’m relatively new to hand-applique so this was a bit of a slog, but I did gradually speed up!


Pulled out the basting stitches, and ta-dah, one sweater, good for a few more years and one more kid!


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